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The mod adds a metal pipe, which you can throw and when it hits the it plays the metal pipe sound and destroys some blocks and the metal pipe. I did this remake because the original Mod did not work.

When it hits an entity, it is thrown back and the entity is not dead.

Don´t throw it straight upwards while standing right below it, because it lags then.

In the picture on the left side you can see a metal mill. When you fill it with iron and close it an power it with redstone, it will play a sound and mill iron to metal dust (picture above mill). On the right to the mill, there is magnesium ore and magnesium dust. Next to it is a special fireworks rocket. You have to put metal dust, magnesium dust and normal firework rockets into the combiner together. Then power it with redstone, it will play a sound and put the special firework rocket into your inventory.

Next to it you see fireworks TNT and when you light it (right click), it will disappears and the special fireworks appear. The right block you see the metal pipe TNT. It disappears, too and shortly after, a few metal pipes will fall from the sky.

The picture in the right is a rider (creative only item) with which you can ride most entities.


Have fun

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Metal Pipe Remake 1.20.1.jar - Metal pipe remake, new mill, special fireworksUploaded on: 12/01/2023 - 15:49   File size: 326.1 KB

because it lags then
yes when you wait longer then 30 seconds to close Minecraft then yes
It's because the code that makes the metal pipe jump from mob to mob works by copying the metal pipe and flying in the direction the entity is looking