Karstenvader's Positron Mod

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Minecraft gets a dose of amazing with the positron mod! I made this mod so your average, everyday Minecraft player can get WMDs easy without a mudpack and a thousand hours of work. That's right Voltz, looking at you! (Although I still very much enjoy Voltz) This mod adds antimatter particles and an anti-hydrogen bomb, a laser assault rifle, a high-power railgun, and nanite-plating armor (Nanites are tiny robots. You are basically wearing living power armor) that enhances some of your physical traits. Plus a way to CRAFT DIAMONDS! (Its not cheap. You need 81 coal per diamond. This feature was meant to help people like me who have bad luck finding diamond and always have way too much coal)

I am not skilled in java at all and am looking for people to help me develop this mod.

Keep in mind that this mod is still in alpha, so there will be much more sci-fi nonsense/goodness to come in the future. All the content you see here was thrown together in less than 3 days!





Modification files
Positron Mod.jar - Slap this bad boy in your .minecraft/mods folder after you install forge.Uploaded on: 01/12/2018 - 00:13   File size: 287.22 KB

If you have any questions or comments about the mod feel free to post here or on the mod's forum thread.