TAF - Trans armed forces

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TAF adds a lot of various weapons & equipment  to your game. Enjoy! <3 

without sounds.

This mod includes:

# Items:
- bottle of estrogen (crafting material and can be drunk to give potion effects.)
- estrogen load (crafting material and like a bottle of estrogen give potion effects but for longer.)

- hormonal pistol
- hormonal railgun
- hormonal multi-barrel rifle
- hormonal grenade launcher

# ores:
- transnium ore (stone and deepslate variants.)

# Enchantments:
- super capasitors (for hormonal railgun, increases damage but also cooldown.)
- aiming (adds zoom to guns.)
- antirecoil (for hormonal railgun, reduces recoil.)

# Tools:
- estrogen extractor
- hormonal shield
- hormonal radar
- hormonal radar MK2
- hormonal parachute
- medkit (gives regeneration and saturation)

# Melee weapons:
- hormonal serrated blade

# Armor:
- hormonal exo night vision goggles
- hormonal exo cat paws

# Vehicles:
- self-propelled gun (not finished.)

(A better description (with images) will appear in the full release of the mod.

Modification files
jdk_taf-1.0.3-alpha.jarUploaded on: 05/24/2024 - 14:19   File size: 953.45 KB

- added Medkit