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Academic Free License v3.0
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Qwery's Swords is a Minecraft mod that aims to add more weapons and armor to the game that still fit the vanilla feel. These items try to be unique, more than just changing stats and having basic crafting recipes. With new weapons that have brand-new pros, cons and abilities, this mod will surely update your combat style!

This is not intended to be a low-quality weapon pack, I read the guidelines. This is not just a boring weapon pack, but is planned to have custom items, armors, and hopefully more.

Current Features-

Amethyst Longsword: More attack speed, but less damage. Removes all effects when used.

Midas Sword: More enchantability, much less durability. Gives golden nuggets when entities are hit.

Witherscythe: Withers enemies but is fragile.

Chorus Spear: Slow and weak, but provides infinite teleportation.

Slay Bell: Applies glow to mobs hit.

Present Launcher: Fires explosive presents.


Planned Features-

Sugarsnow Cake (slows but heals)

Dimension crowns

Gilded Armor (less durability, more armor)


Amethyst Longsword: Smith an amethyst shard onto a netherite sword.

Midas Sword: Smith a gold ingot onto a netherite sword.

Witherscythe: Crafted with coal, three iron, a wither skeleton skull, and a bone.

Chorus Spear: Crafted with three popped chorus, an enderpearl, and an end rod.

Slay Bell: Cut a gold block into two Slay Bells.

Present Launcher: Crafted with four lime wool, green dye, string, red dye, TNT, and a slime block.

Modification files
qwerswords2.jar - Second version, adds three items.Uploaded on: 12/08/2023 - 23:05   File size: 61.99 KB
qwerswords.jar - First version.Uploaded on: 12/07/2023 - 22:06   File size: 31.66 KB

qwerswords: First version, contains: Amethyst Longsword, Midas Sword, and Witherscythe.

qwerswords2: Second version, adds: Chorus Spear, Present Launcher, and Slay Bell.