Mob Armors! Mod | Update 3

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Welcome to the Mob Armors! Mod!''

This Mod might stop because of the End of MCreator.

This Mods adds:

New Mob-specified Armors that can be dropped from them!

Mob Armors have some cool Effects, like shooting fireballs, throwing Enderballs (not Pearls!), or just eating the Armor with custom Keybinds!


"Ability: ###" means a passive Ability with any Part

"Full-Set-Ability: ###" means a passive Ability with the full Armor equiped

"V-Ability: ###" Ability, where you need to Press the V-Ability Button (Look in Controls, Standard: V)

"Full-Set-V-Ability: ###" Ability, where you need to press the V-Ablity Button and have the full Armor equiped

Ignore the Projectlies in the misc section, they are just for V-Abilities for some Mobs!

By the way, the Chance of dropping 1 Part is 0,1%, means all 4 Parts together are 0,025%!

Mob Armors are only dropping if the Mobs you killed is here:

Bat, Bee, Blaze, Creeper, Chicken, Cow, Cod (Fish), Cat, Drowned, Dolphin, Elder Guardian, Enderman, Endermite, Donkey, Cave Spider, Evoker, Ghast, Guardian, Horse

Have fun trying to get the Sets! Updates are coming fast, I don't think I discontinue this Project! (Fox and Ghast can't drop this Moment)

Bugs we already know:

  • On EGuard Armor, there is "&c" instead of "§c" got fixed in 1.1, Ability got removed.
  • in 1.3 Version, you had Speed 3 permanently. Fixed in 1.3B fix.

Send us Bugs here in the Comments!

**Mod Armor Textures CAN be replaced with your help! Try this:**


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Minecraft Forge mod
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MobArmorsMod_2.jar - MobArmorsMod 1.3!397.58 KB
MobArmorsModB.jar - MobArmorsMod 1.3 FIx <- Dl this390.45 KB
  • Added Guardian Armor
  • Guardian Armor gives you Water Breathing and you can swim faster.

  • New Horse Armor! 2 different Sets, Brown and White, can be dropped from every Horse.
  • Horse Armor gives you JumpBoost and if you have a Saddle, you get Speed too!

  • Fix 1.3b: Fixed Bug with permanent Speed Effect.

Giving these armors some special models and textures would go a long way in making this mod more appealing ;)

I suggest editing the offical minecraft textures for armour :D