JoMod: Simple Mining

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This mod is designed to save the player's time. He adds new tools (axes, shovels, hoes, pickaxes) that break blocks in a 5x5x5 cube. If you break a block with a tool, then similar blocks will also be broken in the described cube and will drop out in the form of a drop at the point where the first block was broken. Crafting tools is expensive, but they also have more durability. Tools break blocks and only blocks of their own category (a pickaxe will not work correctly if you break boards and the like with it). 

If you have a criticism of the modification or you want to suggest developing a modification, then here is my discord: iosif_v 

An artist of all textures can draw other tools, armor, and icons for you. Here is the artist's discord: katakuricathands


Download whit modification and add jar file to path: Appdata\roaming\.minecraft\mods

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JoMod_Simple_Mining.jar - JoMod: Simple MiningUploaded on: 12/08/2023 - 02:46   File size: 82.91 KB
JoMod_Simple_Mining.ver2_.jar - JoMod: Simple Mining Version 2Uploaded on: 12/21/2023 - 15:54   File size: 86.9 KB