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Treats and Techniques is a mod that adds many little things to the game, improving quality of life. For example:


The current version is not up to date, I recommend going to the curseforge page:



With the new Transmitter and Receiver Blocks, alongside the item version of the Transmitter Block, the Redstone Transmitter, you're able to create wireless redstone. Link either transmitter to a receiver block, then either when the Transmitter Block is powered or the Redstone Transmitter is right-clicked, the Receiver Block will start outputting redstone power.


To link a Transmitter Block, shift right-click the Transmitter Block, then right click the Receiver Block you want to pair it to.

To link a Redstone Transmitter, right click a Receiver Block while holding the Redstone Transmitter.


A new utility block has been added, the Redstone Lock. When powered, the Redstone Lock will lock any chest or barrel touching one of its faces. It will also prevent the breaking of itself or that block when powered. It is made to be compatible with wireless redstone, as it also protects the Receiver block from being broken. Though powering it using wireless redstone is the most viable option, any power source will lock chests or barrels adjacent to the block. Such a block is useful mainly in multiplayer mainly, as things such as explosions still break the Redstone Lock and adjacent containers.


New Foods and Fauna

Two new foods and a new flower have been introduced: The Cherry Bunch, The Orange, and The Azalea Flower.


Cherry Bunches drop from breaking cherry leaves, and give minimal hunger points


Oranges drop from a new tree type: The Citrus Tree. Every 1/250 chunks you should find a citrus tree, which will sport citrus leaves and budding citrus leaves, which when broken, drop 1-2 oranges. Alongside the new citrus tree come citrus saplings, which are obtained from either breaking citrus leaves, or trading with a wandering trader.


The azalea flower drops commonly from flowering azalea leaves, and gives the Instant Health effect when brewed into a suspicious stew.



A new item and crafting chain has been added, boasting Fang Fragments, The Stun Staff, and The Totem of Retaliation.


Fang fragments drop when Evoker fangs are summoned by attacking Evokers. They can be used to craft the stun staff and the Totem of Retaliation


The stun staff stuns all nearby mobs when used, alongside dealing small bits of damage. It can also have a new enchantment: Duration. Duration increases the amount of time the enemies stay stunned.


The Totem of Retaliation is crafted by surrounding a Totem of Undying with fang fragments, and acts similarly, aside from the fact that it deals big damage to all nearby hostile mobs, allowing you space to recover if you die in the midst of a battle.


The illusioner, a previously unused illager mob, has been implemented into the game, spawning in raids and having a 3% chance to replace any vindicator or pillager that spawns. Alongside this, it has a new ability. It will passively give any nearby illager and raider mobs the invisibility effect when a player is nearby, without emitting particles.


Luminous Crystals

The normal blue variant of luminous crystals will spawn at Deepslate level, acting as a light source in the dark caves. It can be dyed to create Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green Luminous crystals, which can be used to craft the Crystal Lantern.


The luminous crystals, being transparent light sources, are able to change the color of a beacon beam as stained glass would.


The crystal lantern lights up your surroundings in real time when activated, as unlike the normal and soul lanterns, the crystal lantern is a held item.


And More!

New potions including the potion of Intangibility allowing you to pass through walls (more details in images) and the bottle of milk, brewed with a milk bucket and empty bottles and serving as a quicker (Throwable as a splash potion) and more cost efficient form of the milk bucket.


Zombie ambushes, having a 0.5% chance to occur (Changeable game rule) during nighttime only whenever any zombie or zombie-like mob is killed. 2-4 Zombie raiders spawn, riding upon Zombie Horses, now made obtainable in survival Minecraft. A good challenge that you won't expect!


The experience table is a new block made of copper, and as such can be waxed, can oxidize, and can be deoxidized through the use of an axe. When blocks are put in, it will grant the player experience. Depending on the rarity of the items put in, the player will get varying amounts of experience. The more oxidized the block gets, the less experience is put out, but the higher chance for a new item to drop; Raw Experience. Raw Experience serves as an easy to get item of rare quality made specifically for converting to experience in an experience table for large amounts of experience. Any item can be put into the experience table, so it's good to use as a trash can that gives experience in return.


A good way to know what's been added in the newer versions of the mod is to simply check the advancements. They are your main way of unlocking recipes. Alongside the main advancements, there are 5 secret advancements hidden throughout your normal advancement pages. Happy Hunting!

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This is the first release of the mod.