Crafter's Secrets

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Apache License version 2.0
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This mod is similar to the average unobtainable recipe mod, expect it attempts to push it further by adding more recipes and special item upgrades.

Most recipes in the mod require one item: the Crafter's Secret Recipes (it's the purple book)


This mod adds recipes for:
  • Crafter's Secret Recipes (Unique)

    This item is required for most of the extra recipes the mod adds. You can craft it.

  • Amber Page (Unique)

    Item required to create the Crafter's Secret Recipes. You can craft it.

  • Magma block
  • Sponge block
  • All vanilla music disks
  • Chainmail armor
  • End portal
  • Cobweb
  • Slime
  • Name tag
  • Saddle
  • Iron, Gold and Diamond Horse Armors
  • Lead
  • Skeleton and Wither Skeleton skulls
  • Totem of Undying
  • Mob Spawner (pig only)
1.1.0 (1.14.4) and onwards also add:
  • Advancements (2)
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Prismarine Shards
  • Prismarine Crystals
  • Bottle o' Enchanting
  • Trident
  • Farmland
  • Mycelium
  • Blue Ice
  • Debug Stick
  • - Removes lead recipe
  • Ultimate Divine Sword (Unique)

    This special sword cannot be obtained in the creative inventory. It is a direct upgrade to the diamond sword, with slighly improved stats, an animated texture and incredible enchantment luck. However, it makes noises when you swing it and is very costly to create.

  • Golden Flint and Steel (Unique)

    This Flint and Steel upgrade, while twice as fragile, has a range of 100 blocks! You can now light up the flammable houses of your friends from the safety of your stone castle! However, it will only place fire on top of blocks you are aiming at, and only if there is enough place to. You can even place fire in the sky! Because poorly made coding gives cool results.



No translations available yet. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment.

Modification files
CraftersSecrets-1.0.0 (1.12.2MC).jar - 1.0.0 (1.12.2)Uploaded on: 04/21/2024 - 13:21   File size: 60.1 KB
CraftersSecrets-1.1.0 (1.14.4MC).jar - 1.1.0 (1.14.4)Uploaded on: 04/21/2024 - 13:21   File size: 55.81 KB