Silent Night

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Happy Holidays Everyone

The Silent Night mod brings a new holiday themed dimension along with new blocks, items, foods, tools, and an entity.

Silent Night Dimension

To travel to the Silent Night dimension you will need to craft the portal blocks using 1 gold ingot, 4 blocks of snow, and 4 candy canes and craft Holiday Spirit using 1 diamond and 4 gold ingots. 

The dimension currently hosts a single biome, the Festive Forest. 

New Foods

Silent Night brings new holiday themed foods to Minecraft including Fruit Cake, Candy Canes, Gum Drops, Winter Spiced Ham, Gingerbread Men, and Eggnog.

A new Holiday Spice ore can be found in the Silent Night which is used to make most of the new foods.

Festive Cows can be milked for Eggnog.

New Loot

Found scattered throughout the Silent Night are three types of presents, Naughty, Nice, and Toy Chests.

Nice presents can be broken with pickaxes and offer lucrative items including iron, gold, diamonds, bottles o' enchanting, and golden apples.

Naughty presents can be broken with pickaxes and offer less desirable, but still useful loot, like coal, charcoal, paper, and glass bottles.

Toy Chests can be broken with axes and will drop new items, Dolls, Toy Trains, Teddy Bears, and Toy Creepers. Each of these offer crafting materials when place in a crafting table or inventory crafting.

Doll - 1 quartz

Teddy Bear - 1 gold ingot

Toy Train - 1 iron ingot

Toy Creeper - 1 gunpowder

Play Slime - 1 Slime

Yo-Yo - 1 String

This isn't meant to be a big mod, but I do plan on adding more! Please let me know what you think and offer any suggestions.

I have switched this mod's status to paused. I may pick up working on it next year during the holidays. Happy 2024!

Modification files
Silent Night 1.1.1.jarUploaded on: 12/18/2023 - 07:48   File size: 3.95 MB
Silent Night 1.1.2.jarUploaded on: 12/18/2023 - 18:40   File size: 4 MB

Released 1.1.1

  • Released the mod bringing the festive items and the new Silent Night Dimension

Update 1.1.2

  • Removed Gumdrops
  • Added gumdrops for all Minecraft colors, use them in a crafting table to make dyes and smelt them in a furnace to make sugar
  • Added a new creative tab 'Festive Redstone'
  • Added Festive Door
  • Added Holiday snow bricks, stairs, and slabs
  • Added Yo-Yo found in Toy Chests, use in a crafting table to make string
  • Added Play Slime found in Toy Chests, use in a crafting table table to make slime