Mo Additions Mod (MOBS and dimensions and more to come)

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Many ADDITIONS you say,YES THIS mod is a unbalanced mod but its pretty cool i suggest craftguide to look at the recipes theres the link here->… MY DOWNLOAD FOR MY MOD->//….  This mod adds the new ore dark steel Long with a powerful addon weapon and a few elemental swords. Adds two new dimensions the op diamond dimension with nethrstar blocks and the second end dimension! This Mod nows adds a another Mob the land guardian based from the 1.8 update and a new weapon that doesnt have  any special effects besides being cool to get to the new dimension its hard but  i like putting challenges into the world. The mod now adds in two new mobs and a new ore!!!! a new snapshot will be out about these cool new features.NOTICE PANDAS HAVE  THE SPIDER AI SO THEY DROP STRING . ill get that fixed tommorow

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Addonsv3 - downloadUploaded on: 04/23/2017 - 04:04   File size: 1.17 MB