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NGPlus is a little project that adds some dragon tribes from Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland to Minecraft, along with specialized gear to defend yourself from the beasts. You will find structures known as "Trials" that dot the world, and the trial variant changes depending on the biome it inhabits. Each trial will contain a series of chests on top, with an Altar. The chests contain trinkets like Baneflowers, useful for potions to undermine the dragons' weaknesses, dragon scales and claws, and sometimes even unfinished Charms. While the Altar is used in upgrading ordinary items to ingredients in forging equipment such as Mana Cores, the Nightflux Katana, and Terrasurge Steel, the Charms can be finished by using the unique Crystals scattered through unknown dimensions, to grant yourself permanent positive effects, which will be useful if you ever wander the Plains biome at night. A second overworld has even been found by experimentation with lapis lazuli, although it is not any more dangerous than the Overworld we know and love today, an unknowable sensation gives the feeling that this may not be true for long. I wish good luck to anyone who proceeds into the dragon-infested, blocky world of NGPlus.

Modification files
ngplus-beta-1.5.0-s2.jar - Latest versionUploaded on: 01/04/2024 - 04:11   File size: 2.7 MB

Beta 1.5.0-s2:

  • Replaced other mods' assets with mod creator's assets
  • Added SandWing Plush:
    Craftable with 2 Light Gray Wool, 1 Orange Wool, 2 Yellow Wool
    Does not count to "Sleep Tight!" and "The Bedsheets are Full..." advancements