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NOTICE: This mod has been discontinued. Unfortunately I have been unable to work on it, and I have also kind of lost the motive to do it anyway. However, I have plans for a new mod using the 1.8 MCreator, a reboot of one of my older mods. Stay tuned for that.


Ever wanted to harness the power of the elements of the periodic table in minecraft? Well, now you can! Unfortunatly, you can't create nuclear fissions(yet!) but  you can use elements to do some nifty stuff.

Want to learn even more about this Mod! Go to the official website (still a work in progress)! https://sites.google.com/site/elementsmodminecraft/


Cobalt (Co)

Cobalt- a blue metal with extreme potential to create powerful tools.

Forge pickaxes and axes out of this precious metal and they will serve you well. You can also form Cobalt Armor, but to do that, you must crush some Cobalt with grinder to get some cobalt dust as well.

Sometimes, Cobalt's power gets a bit out of hand, latching it's powers onto Zombies! These Zombies are slower, but tougher! They have a rare chance of dropping cobalt when killed, and of course, they drop rotten flesh. They are zombies, after all. Just... magical zombies.

Ever run out of space for Cobalt? Well, craft Cobalt Blocks! Unfortunatly, Cobalt does not bind together well, so some Lapis Lazuli is required to stick it all together. 

Cesium (Cs)

Sometimes, when you mine underground, you will run across and ore called Pollucite. Break it and you will get some Cesium!

This handy little chunk of metal is powerful at making your tools more powerful!

Harness it's energy by combining 2 cesium with a Diamond Block and a book together in the crafting table (shapeless) to create a Sharpness I Enchanted Book!

You can also empower your Diamond Sword directly! Surround it with 2 cesium on the sides, one obsidian on the bottom and a Diamond Block on the top to give your Diamond Sword Sharpness III!

Beryllium (Be)

Now you can find Beryllium ore underground! Shove it into a furnace and you can make Beryllium Ingots!

This metal can be crushed into powder with a new item called the Grinder!

Use that powder and some gunpowder to upgrade your TNT into Beryllium Explosives! However- these have NO detonation time, so stand back and use a lever from longer range with redstone wire.

In the future this metal will be used for more weapons!

Cadmium (Cd)

This element can be found underground in the form of Cadmium Ore. Throw it into a furnace to make Cadmium Ingots!

This element has a high level of toxicity! Use it's toxicity against your enemies!

Crush this element into powder with the Grinder.

Then, you can combine 3 Cadmium Powder with a Water Bottle to form a Poison Potion!

Barium (Ba)

This rare element is found deep underground. Mine it to get some Barium Chunks!

Barium is a handy element as you can utilize it to create a light source! Yes, you can make Barium-powered lamps!

Surround glass with 8 barium to make it. To turn it on, place the lamp and right click it.

Magnesium (Mg)

This element is quite common, comparable to the likes of Coal or Iron. Mine it to obtain Magnesium chunks.

Having a good diet is important, and Magnesium can do just that!

Surround a piece of Bone Meal with 4 Magnesium to create the Vitamin! Eat it to get some health regenerated instantly and gain a short boost of Speed and Absorption.

Strontium (Sr)

This element can be found underground and can be smelted into Strontium Ingots. This element is somewhat radioactive. Unfortunatly, Strontium's features have not been fully implemented as they won't have much use until the 1.3.0 update.

Radium (Ra)

This rare element requires a powerful pickaxe to mine. Mine it's ore and obtain Radium Chunks. This is a highly radioactive element! Unfortunatly, Radium's features have not been fully implemented as they won't have much use until the 1.3.0 update.

Calcium (Ca, Alkaline Earth Metal)

This element is rather common throughout the world. If you mine it, you can gather Calcium Chunks. Create new types of vitamins by combining two calcium with a vitamin to create a vitamin that gives resistance instead of speed.



-Added Cobalt and Cesium, along with all their respective items.


-Added Beryllium and Cadmium and their respective items

-Added Grinder

-Cobalt Shovel, Sword and Hoe

-Elements have their chemical symbol under their names now


-New texture for Cesium and Cobalt Block

-Fixed a few texture issues with Beryllium and Cadmium Ingots


-Magnesium and Barium and their respective items

-Added Cobalt Armor and Cobalt Powder

-Fixed Cobalt Sword being called "Sword"

-Elements now have their group on the periodic table underneath them

1.2.0: The Alkaline Earth Metal Update




-Gas Jars and Oxygen (W.I.P)

1.2.1: Upcoming Update

-Finish gas jars and oxygen

-Add some uses for Stronium and Radium in the meantime until update 1.3.0

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Nice mod. Cesium is like my favorite element. Maybe consider adding palladium or germanium

@#1 Thanks! Don't worry- my plan is to add almost all the elements if possible :)

Palladium and Germanium will be on the way. Germanium may be used for some sort of electrical components for certain technologies, but we will see.

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