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Villager Venture is a mod that adds realism for villagers. Now, upon spawning, a villager will receive a name, reputation and happiness, hunger and thirst, qualities, statuses, secondary professions, inventory and much more.

Villager Information Detector:
With this item, you can view the statistics or inventory of a villager. It has two modes: "Stats Detector" and "Inventory Detector". Each mode has a separate texture for the item. You can switch modes by right-clicking in the air.
"Stats Detector" mode allows you to view the statistics and characteristics of a villager as messages in the chat.
"Inventory Detector" mode allows you to view the inventory of a villager. You won't be able to see the actual villager's inventory, only as messages in the chat. Here, you can see how much food and water a villager has, their equipment, and the number of their personal emeralds (not those used for trading).
You can view information about a villager by right-clicking while sitting on the specified villager.

Villager Stats Changer:
With this item, you can change the qualities and secondary profession of a villager to random ones. To do this, you need to right-click while sitting on the villager.

Leather Flask:
This item is filled with water when you right-click on water. If you throw a filled flask of water near a villager, they will replace their current flask with it, thereby having as much water in their supply as in the flask. You can also dispose of some water by right-clicking in the air while holding the item in your main hand.

A villager can satisfy hunger if there is food in their inventory. If the hunger scale reaches 100%, the villager will start losing health, and after 20 seconds, they will die.
A villager can satisfy thirst if there is water in their inventory. If the thirst scale reaches 100%, the villager will start losing health, and after 20 seconds, they will die.
A villager can increase their reputation by helping other villagers in any way.
A villager can increase their happiness by having entertainment, having an excellent reputation, receiving encouragement from other villagers, and being healed from injuries.
A villager's state depends on their other traits.

A villager's qualities determine the passive ability they have for their entire life. However, a villager's qualities can be changed to random ones using the "Villager Stats Changer" item. The maximum number of qualities a villager can have is 2. Sometimes a villager may appear with 1 or 0 qualities. Qualities can be either good or bad. Some qualities only affect adult villagers. The full list of qualities:

Camel. A villager can go without water and food for twice as long.
Cannibal. If a villager's hunger exceeds 60%, they will start killing all other villagers. The cannibal gains 50% saturation upon killing a villager.
Hypocrite. A villager with this quality becomes more selfish towards other villagers with happiness above 70%, thus reducing their reputation by 2 and other villagers happiness by 4.
Fleet-footed. A villager's speed is increased by 1.5 times.
Slow-footed. A villager's speed is decreased by 1.5 times.
Indifference. A villager's happiness won't matter, thus always being filled to 50%.

Secondary Professions:
In addition to their primary profession, villagers may have a secondary profession with a small chance upon spawning. Villager children do not have a secondary profession until they grow up. Here is the full list of professions:

Guardian. A villager attacks all monsters (except creepers) and illagers (except pillagers) within a radius of 32 blocks. If someone hits any villager within a 96-block radius, all guardians will target that entity and always hunt it until it moves out of the 96-block radius. Each kill increases a guardian's reputation by 4.

Medic. A villager detects injured villagers within a 32-block radius and moves towards them to heal, thus increasing their reputation by 3%. A medic will not heal those with hunger and thirst at 100%.

Psychologist. A villager increases the happiness of other villagers with happiness below 70%, thereby increasing their reputation by 4. Restoring 5% happiness requires 15 seconds of both villagers being stationary.

Tax collector. A villager can collect emeralds from all villagers each morning for living in the village, approaching them and taking 1 emerald. If this villager is outside the village, they cannot collect taxes, reducing happiness by 5%. The player can take half of the emeralds from a tax collector by right-clicking while holding an emerald, causing the tax collector to lose 10% happiness. The player can only collect emeralds from one tax collector once a day. To collect all the emeralds, you will have to kill the tax collector.

Villager's State:
The state of a villager depends on its traits. If its traits constitute the best value, then the state remains good. Otherwise, it becomes bad. Additionally, there is a 10% chance that a villager may spawn with a passive secret state already assigned from birth. The player will only find out about this when the secret state manifests itself. The full list of secret states:

Suspicion. This state does not depend on any qualities. The villager will start talking to others frequently, causing their secret state to automatically change to "suspicion" 5 minutes after the villager appears. However, by the 10th minute, there is a 50% chance of their fate being predetermined. The villager either becomes a traitor and has been plotting with others to start a revolution in the village, or with a 50% chance, they were just conversing with others and didn't plan to do so, resulting in a new passive status "Well-wisher", which increases happiness by 6 for all villagers within a radius of 10 blocks every 15 seconds. If the villager decides to start a revolution, all those with 
happiness below 50% will join them.

Well-wisher. If a villager has this state, they will begin to encourage all villagers within a 10-block radius every 15 seconds, thereby raising happiness by 6 for everyone (including themselves).

Depression. If a villager's happiness drops below 40%, they will experience depression. If their happiness remains below 40% for 150 seconds, the villager will permanently leave the village in search of their happiness. This timer does not reset, so if a villager's happiness was below 40% for 10 seconds, then when their happiness drops below 40% again, the villager will leave the village in 140 seconds rather than 150.

Hysteria. If a villager's hunger or thirst exceeds 70%, and their happiness is below 40%, they will experience hysteria. During hysteria, the villager will randomly break blocks with low durability. A villager with this secret state can never have a secondary profession.


Useful Facts:
1. How to Give/Take Food/Water to a Villager?
You can give food to a villager by dropping it near them.
You can take food from a villager's inventory by dropping an emerald nearby (even if you gave them the food). The villager will run to the emerald and give you part of the food, 5 items for 1 emerald.
A villager's water supply depends on the amount of water in a leather flask. If there is a leather flask filled with water nearby, the villager will replace their current one with it, thus having as much water in their inventory as in the flask they picked up.
2. A male villager requires 1.5 times more food to satisfy hunger than a female.
3. Villager qualities can be both good and bad.
4. With a slight chance, a villager may spawn with a secret passive state.
5. Healing a villager restores 2 happiness per HP.
6. Taking damage reduces a villager's happiness by 4 per HP.
7. The "saturation" and "hunger" effects affect a villager's hunger scale.
8. If a villager has a reputation of 100%, their happiness will increase by 2 every 15 seconds, but if their reputation is below 50%, their happiness will decrease by 4 every 15 seconds.
9. A villager's happiness increases by 2 when hunger or thirst is below 5% and decreases by 4 when hunger or thirst is above 60% every 15 seconds.
10. Villagers have the ability to change equipment (armor and sword). If there is equipment nearby within a radius of 4 blocks, the villager will change their current equipment to the one dropped.
11. Villagers can only use vanilla armor and swords.
12. A male villager has 22 HP, while a female has 18 HP.
13. If there is a leather flask filled with water nearby, the villager will replace their current one with it, thus having as much water in their inventory as in the flask they picked up.
14. Villagers consume food and water if their hunger or thirst is above 30%.
15. Villagers have only 1 inventory slot for food.
16. Villagers will only pick up their preferred food for consumption, and they will not eat food with low saturation.
17. Villagers will only pick up food for consumption that can stack.
18. A villager has a gender, but you cannot find out about it. This is done so that there is no impression that same-gender villagers can still create children... For this reason, villager names are deliberately suitable for both males and females.
19. Potion effects of strength and weakness affect a villager, increasing or decreasing damage to the level of the effect.
20. Villagers also have emeralds in their inventory, which increase by 1 every day.
21. The player can collect emeralds from a tax collector only once a day.

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