MC Expanded:Reborn

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So... Apparently MC Expanded was a failure... Now Im back with A Remake!This Version Includes much more refined things, Some are from the old MC Expanded but most is new content.MC Expanded basically will be a everything mod, meaning it will add tools, weapons, armor, blocks, ores, minerals, mobs, items, dimensions... You get it.

The Mod Includes

-Generic Rubies


-More Zombie Types

-A Glowing Mushroom biome along with a mountain biome

-Ranged staffs and crossbows

-Steel and magical gear sets(Magical armor does not exist.)

-New Mobs

-"The Core" and the moon dimensions

-Some advancements


Hope You Download and test this mod out!I Will Probably attempt to add at least 250 mod elements by Full Release, So that would take a while.

Modification files
MCExpanded0.1.7.jar.jar - Latest Version4.73 MB

Hello!Welcome to MC Expanded:Reborns Mod Changelog!I Will Sometimes post updates here, dont expect it to be seriously up-to-date, though.