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A mod that adds among us imposter items into minercaft! Including: Imposter's knifeSabotage button, 

Vent, and the imposter himself! There is a new achievement too: Imposter, You can get it by crafting the imposter's knife.

To craft it you need 1 emerald and 1 stick, Put the stick on the bottom and the emerald ontop, and you got yourself the imposter's knife!

The achievement also unlocks other recipes for items like the sabotage button and the vent,


  • The sabotage button: The sabotage button allows you to sabotage lights, It grats you 40 seconds of night vision.
  • The vent: The vent allows you to go invisible. (Must hold it in your hand for it to work)
  • The imposter's knife: Insta kills any mob you want, Verry slow cooldown.
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Among_Us_Mod_1.15.2.jar - Version: 1.15.2Uploaded on: 11/22/2020 - 00:04   File size: 2.58 MB