Wild Hunt

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This Mod was created to play with my friend at the Uni, It makes the game more difficult, although its yet in early development, It already includes a few different cratures that will hunt you down , such as the ¨Skeleton miner ¨ that will break blocks until he finds you, or the skeleton wolf who can sqwezee through one block holes to get you and a few more ,or the flying skeleton who makes escaping by building up harder ...

Important!  Geckolib-forge  library mod necessary for it to work

All these creatures spawn on a horde night (30 percent chance on each night), targeting the player with most sins, some of wich are: sleeping,trading or dying. the sins of the player who is being targeted on a horde night are also used to make the number of spawned entities vary depending on how many sins do you have (more sins = more difficult horde).

as you adventure in to the game with each horde will be larger and harder, but there is a way to delay or even stoping it by praying to the dead god, In his cript, by sicrifiying him blood and flesh(remember having lit candles around), placing a feral seed on the altar (will work if you have given it enough sacrifices)and giving a golden block to the hand that rises from underground (rightclick on the entity called ¨underworldhand¨with a golden block in hand) in return of his mercy, the praying is also needed to get diamonds, as diamond ore now drops diamond shards.

It also features some vanilla mechanics tweaks (to make the game more difficult), for example you won´t be able to get iron before gearing up with an copper pickaxe, some of vanilla recipes have been also changed, like now iron ore, when smelted turns in to iron nuggets instead of ingots, with 9 of wich you can craft a iron cluster nugget, which after smelting finally turns in to an iron ingot .

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wild_hunt-1.20.1-0.2.jarUploaded on: 04/03/2024 - 20:30   File size: 1.51 MB

Thanks for your comment i will try fixing it rn, the mod is yet in verey early stage, ill try adding more creatures, u can try using the command /horde to summon it, the seed is used to summon an underworldhand ( you must pray in a cript and then rightclick withthe seed on the altar block , if you have enough faith i will spawn an underworld hand nearby
)and giving it a golden block to lower the sin counter or giving ...

forgot to precise the fact that Geckolib Library and Mcreator link were needed to run the mod.
I personally love the mobs model, you did a great job here.
Though individually they aren't so hard to deal with (except the miner, which is quite powerful), when they are together in a horde, they can quickly become very dangerous.
I saw you can drop a blue seed from some of them but i have no clue what it does.
Sometimes, I can hear dramatic ominous sounds, especially at night. they're pretty cool.
I think the main downside is the lack of information on the mod page, some features aren't explained.
This mod is quite underrated,and deserves more downloads as it adds a rising difficulty over time, and harder progression. It doesn't have a lot of features, but it is perfect for adding a lil more challenge to your minecraft world.