Minecraft Robot Mobs (Crazy Robots In Minecraft)

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The Minecraft had nothing to get for iron or redstone. Almost :c

Don't Be Sad With These Crazy Robot Mobs!

Fight With Robots In Minecraft And Be A Hero!

Mobs featured in this mod:

5 Different kinds of Turrets

a dangerous Robot

a sneaky Robo-Lizard

Pesky Mecha-Chickens

Modification files
robots.jar - 1.12.2 Version OnlyUploaded on: 12/09/2018 - 12:53   File size: 71.74 KB

Nice mod, I think you should add a crafting recipe for every robot and you can spawn them in. If you spawn it in it will attack everything except for you, if somebody else spawns it in it will attack everything except for them, if it naturally spawns it will attack everything.