Arky's Aesthetics

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Arky's Aesthetics is a vanilla style mod that adds a lot of quality-of-life vanilla mechanic upgrades and new vanilla style content

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List of content:

Vanilla mechanic upgrades:

Flower Pots can store more flowers now


Fast Composter, Bottles o' Enchanting and Cakes

Now you can shift + right click for:

- Place all items in hand to Composter at once until it gets full

- Throw all the Bottles o' Enchanting

- Eat all the Cake Pieces you need to reveal Hunger


Bone Meal for plants

Now Sugar Cane, Cactus, Lily Pads, Vines, and Nether Warts can be fertilized by Bone Meal


Piece of Cake

In vanilla Minecraft Cake block doesn't drop anything when broken. Now the Pieces of Cake will be dropped!


Soul Dust

Soul Dust can be crafted from Soul Soil and Soul Sand and oxidize any Copper Blocks!


Another content:

New decorative Wood Blocks

Now Stripped Wood Blocks can be carved by Shears to get Carved Wood blocks with mobs textures


Wood Bark Blocks are made of Bark that can be got when you strip the Wood

Bark types


New types of armor, Farlands Dagger, and Armor Stand With Arms

Now you can craft Armor Stand with Arms from Armor Stand and two Sticks



New types of Armor:

- Shulker Cap. It crafts from Diamond Helmet and 5 Shulker Shells. Grands you an Immunity to Levitation

- Studded Armor. It was planned to add into beta versions on Minecraft and now it's here! It can be crafted from Leather Armor, Iron Upgrade and Chains on the Smithing Table. Iron Upgrade can be bought from Armorer Villager

- Plate Armor. It was added into Minecraft in indev versions but was deleted later. It has upgraded texture and it's a mix with Plate Armor from Minecraft: Dungeons game. It adds Slowness Effect on the full set but has 30% chance to ignore any damage. This Armor can be got from Wandering Trader


Farlands Dagger.

New weapon that can be bought from Wandering Trader. It has only 4 Damage but very fast attack speed. When player right clicks with this it makes a dash forward.

There's a 4 new Enchantments for this weapon:

- Dash: has 3 levels. Increases dash distance. 

- Time Vortex: has 3 levels. Reduces cooldown of dash but reduces it's distance as well.

- Cutting Wave: allows you to make a dash in water or from water.

- Wind Swing: allows you to make another one dash in the air after first dash from the ground.


New Flowers

- Rose was replaced with a Poppy in Minecraft.

- Blue Flower that looks like Blue Rose was in old versions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition and existed in place of Rose. 

- Pink Daisy and Buttercup it's a flowers from Minecraft: Earth game.

- Glow Torchflower. Now you can make a Torchflower glow by clicking with Glow Ink Sac on it.

- Moonflowers Vines. New plant for Sniffer. This concept was spoiled in the beggining of Sniffer's development but wasn't added to the game for some reason. 


Cherry Berry

Now Cherry frops real CHERRY


Mushroom Blocks Stripping

Now you can strip any Mushroom Blocks to get it's pore texture. If you right click on it with shift it will be stripped from all the sides.


New chains

Now chains can be crafted from Gold, Copper and Netherite


Echo Shard Trim Material

In development of 1.20 was planned to make an Echo Shard a Trim Material with animated trims. Unfortunately I can't make it animated.


Scent Candles

Scent Candles are new blocks that adds an effects around in a 8 blocks radius. It has common Scent Candle without effects that can be crafted into Candles with the following effects: Night Vision, Speed III, Jump Boost III, Luck, Poison II, and Haste.


Fallen Leaves

Now the Leaves blocks can drop their leaf when broken. This leaves can be placed on the ground 4 times like a Pink Petals.



- Bad Diet

Eat whole cake at once

For getting this advancement you need to have maximum 6 Hunger Level (3 Chiken Nuggets icons) and full block of Cake and eat it on Right Click.


- Oxidation On

Oxidize Copper Block by Soul Dust!


- Ad It Should Be

Make Torchflower Glow by clicking on it with Glow Ink Sac


- Canceled Flight

Get Shulker Cap


- Upgraded Gears

Get Studded Armor by upgrading Leather Armor with Iron Upgrade that can be bought from Armorer Villager and Chain on the Smithing Table


- Look I'm a Plate!

Buy all Plate Armor set (helmet and chestplate) from Wandering Trader


- Imported Goods

Buy Farland Dagger from Wandering Trader


- A Sword Made By A Master (Challenge. Grands you 100 points of Experience)

Get Farlands Dagger with all of it's Enchantments with max levels: Dash III, Time Vortex III, Cutting Wave, and Wind Swing


- Night Blossom

Get fully growth Moonflowers Vines


- Do You Feel It? 

Get any Scent Candle with Effect

Modification files
Arky's Aesthetics [v1.0] [Forge 1.20.1].jarUploaded on: 04/26/2024 - 07:07   File size: 1.22 MB
Arky's Aesthetics [v1.1] [Forge 1.20.1].jarUploaded on: 04/27/2024 - 05:25   File size: 2.55 MB

- Now you can remove trim from armor if you right-click on Grinstone with armor in main hand and Crystalyzed Honey in off hand.
- Bamboo Leaf.
- Bamboo Leaves.
- New types of bricks: Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Calcite, Dripstone, Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, Netherrack, Basalt, Coal, Iron, Gold, Redsone, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Netherite, Amethyst.
- New sets of block like stairs, slab and wall: Netherrack, Basalt, Polished Basalt, Smooth Basalt, Calcite, Dripstone, Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, End Stone, Sandstone, Red Sandstone.
- New blocks for Red Nether Bricks, Warped Nether Bricks, Red and Warped Hyphy Blackstone and Basalt Bricks, Chorussy End Stone and End Stone Bricks, Chiseled and Polished End Stone, Soul Sandstone.
- Bunch of Grass (Grass Block), Dead Grass (Dirt Path), Mycelium (Mycelium), Podzol (Podzol), Crimson (Crimson Nylium, Red Hyphy Bricks) and Warped Hyphae (Warped Nylium, Red Hyphy Bricks), Moss (Mossy Blocks) and Chorus (Chorussy Blocks). Can be obtained by right blicked on special bloks with Shears and placed back. 
- You can craft Bone Meal from 9 Bunch of Podzol, Wheat from 9 Bunch of Dead Grass and Moss Block from 9 Bunch of Moss.
- Pebbles from Cobblestone, Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Deepslate, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Netherrack, Soul Sandstone, Basalt, Blackstone, Gilded Blackstone, End Stone, Quartz, Calcite, Tuff, Dripstone, Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, Amethyst, Flint, all types of Terracotta and Concrete. 

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