After The End

Published by HPositive on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 21:56
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This Mod adds new things for you to do after you beat the Ender Dragon

Current Content


Portal Frame - Used for building all portals in this mod

Fiberglass - Stone of the Fiberglass Dimension

Red Diamond Ore - Ore spawns at Y: 11 and below but is far less common than diamond and spawn usually in smaller groups, usually drops 2 Red Diamonds

Sulfur Ore - Spawns at about the same level of Iron

Talc - A stone like block that spawns near the surface and can usually break the surface in extreme hills biomes, breaks very easily and drops an annoyingly large amount of Talcum Powder

Acathin Ore - Spawns in Fiberglass Dimension 

Rubber Ore - Spawns in Fiberglass Dimension

Plastic Ore - Spawns in Fiberglass Dimension

Pork Ore - Spawns in Fiberglass Dimension

Fiberglass Redstone Ore - Spawns in Fiberglass Dimension

Bluestone Ore - Spawns in Outlands Dimension

Shrieker - Spawns in Outlands Dimension

Bluestone Block - Incredibly Blast Proof Block

Bluestone Glass - Incredibly Blast Proof Glass


Red Diamond - Used in crafting

Acathin - Used in crafting 

Dragon Scale - Used in crafting 

Sulfur - Used in crafting

Talcum Powder - Used in crafting

Red Diamond Armor - Has all of the same stats of Diamond

Red Diamond Tools - Has all of the same stats of Diamond Tools

Fiberglass Sword - Uncraftable must be obtained 

Red Portal Spawner - Used to spawn Portal to Fiberglass Dimension

Dragon Scale Sword - God-Tier Sword that dwarfs the Diamond Sword in comparison, can be obtained as a rare drop by killing Enderguards

Dragon Scale Pickaxe - God-Tier Pickaxe that dwarfs the Diamond Pickaxe in comparison, can be obtained as a rare drop by killing Enderminers 

Acathin Potion - A Crafted Potion that depending on the biome you are in will give you a useful potion affect depending on the biome, for example in an Ocean it gives you water breathing and in an Extreme Hills it gives you Jump Boost.  Each affect only lasts for five seconds though (may make this longer though).

Plastic Gem - Used in Crafting

Plastic Sword/Pickaxe - Very high efficiency and damage but a durability below gold

Rubber Sword/Pickaxe - Very low efficiency and damage but way more durability than diamond

Dragon Scale Armor - Stronger and More Protective than Diamond but hard to obtain, must kill Ender Dragon multiple times.

Bluestone - Used in crafting

Blue Portal Spawner - Used to spawn Portal to Outlands Dimension

Shrieker Eye - Used in crafting



Enderminer - Spawn in Endermines in the Fiberglass Dimension, passive mobs that flee when attacked, they spawn wielding Dragon Scale Pickaxes (Semi-Broken: Should run away from player upon seeing the player)

Enderguard - Spawn in Endermines in the Fiberglass Dimension, aggressive mobs that will attack the player upon seeing them, they spawn wielding Dragon Scale Swords.  They can kill an unarmored player in two hits and a fully non-enchanted Diamond Armor covered player in four hits.

Fiberglass Man - Spawns around the Fiberglass Dimension in groups and also should spawn in Fiberglass Huts, these mobs are hostile towards the player but they are more hostile towards Endermen, Enderminers, and Enderguards and will choose to kill one of these mobs before they kill the player.

Fiberglass Dimension

A world made of fiberglass and man made materials, current mobs include Endermen, Enderguards, Enderminers, and Fiberglass Men.  Two structures appear here including Endermines and Fiberglass Huts.

Outlands Dimension

A dark endless desert, covered mostly in deep red sand, Blazes and Husks spawn commonly here, watch your step or you might step on a Shrieker and meet an explosive end.


Future Plans for 2.0

-Make Acathin Ore reasonably common

-Make Dragon Scale Armor

-Make Ender Dragon drop 1-2 Dragon Scales upon death

-Make Enderminers attempt to run away from player upon sight

-Add loot tables for Endermines

-Add Shulkers to Endermines

-Add Fiberglass Dungeons

-Add Fiberglass Men

-Add New Dimension

-Update to 1.14.X eventually (currently not comfortable with the new textures) current plans are to make and a update continuously a version for 1.12.2 and for 1.14.2

Modification files
AfterTheEndMod.jar - ATE 1.0.0Uploaded on: 07/22/2019 - 22:22   File size: 213.8 KB
AfterTheEnd1,1,0_0.jar - ATE 1.1.0Uploaded on: 07/27/2019 - 17:03   File size: 332.52 KB
AfterTheEnd1,2,0.jar - ATE 1.2.0Uploaded on: 08/10/2019 - 23:20   File size: 636.33 KB

ATE 1.2.0

+Added Outland Dimension

+Added Bluestone Ore in Outland Dimension

+Added Shrieker

+Added Pork Ore in Fiberglass Dimension

+Added Redstone Ore in Fiberglass Dimension

+Added Bluestone Block

+Added Bluestone Glass

+Added Fiberglass Men with Fiberglass Swords

+Added Fiberglass Huts (Buggy)

+Blue Portal Spawner

+Retextured Polished Fiberglass Block

+Added Smooth Fiberglass

+Added Bloom

+Added Bloom Block

-Removed Acathin Block

-Removed Polished Acathin Block

-Removed Emerald Shard

-Removed Fiberglass Bricks



ATE 1.1.0

+Fixed Acathin Ore so now it spawns at a reasonable rate

+Added Rubber Ore in the Fiberglass Dimension

+Added Rubber and Rubber Tools

+Added Plastic Ore in the Fiberglass Dimension

+Added Plastic Gems and Plastic Tools

+Added Dragon Scale Armor

+Fixed Dragon Scales so now upon the death of the Ender Dragon it will drop one scale

+Added Plastic Block

+Added Fiberglass Bricks (Texture will be changed in the future)

+Added Polished Fiberglass (Texture will be changed in the future)

+Added Acathin Block

+Added Polished Acathin Block

+Added Red Diamond Block

+Added Diamond and Emerald Shards for future dimensions

+Added Pillow Block for future dimension


Cool mod and great idea for the Acathin Potion :)
I think you should use another image as the logo, because the current one isn't as good as the mod itself