Extras Plus Magic Academy

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(Check Change log for latest version updates)

This is the first true installation in a series of Extras Plus mods. As time goes on each one will be updated and Compatability and relationship to other EP mods will be listed.

This mod adds the following:


Forrest Elf(M)

Forrest Elf (F)

Boar (nothing more than a pig varient)

Orc (These guys offer an alternative to searching endlessly for the end portal stronghold)

Holy Knight



Basic Staff

Dragon Staff

Void Staff

Corrupted Staff

DragonBush Fruit

multiple new ores and gems


New Biome (DragonWood Forrest), which comes equipped with its own trees, dirt, and also will be where all of the new ore is found.


New Dimension (Aether), which will also be where you will find the Valkyrie and the Holy Knight as well as a new world boss (Aether Queen). Also the Aether has its own Dirt and Tree blocks


Everything in the mod is obtainable.


If bugs are discovered please let me know via email @ adrianboseman1992@outlook.com

Modification files
Magic Academy1.01.jar - Updated Magic Academy ModUploaded on: 10/07/2019 - 17:38   File size: 452.21 KB

Version History




*Added 4 Potions

*Added procedural generated Elf Beacon Structures to Dragonwood Forest Biome

*Added the Alchemy Table (Block Only. No functionality)

*Added a recipe to turn rotting flesh into leather





Initial Launch of Extras Plus Magic Academy

An update to Magic Academy is in the works, the next update should include various new potions and poisons. If there is anything you would like to see added to this mod please submit your request to the same email as the bug reports.