Sky Mod

Published by TreborCD on Wed, 06/17/2020 - 06:41
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Minecraft Forge mod
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this is my first mod! please tell me if theres any bugs with this mod. i have been working on it for a few hours and im new to this. recipes: sky chestplate 1 sky block on the top left and top right rest on the bottom, leggings are 3 in a line on left and right and one sky egg on the top, sky boots are a 2 blocks line on left and right and the helmet is a full 3 line on the top and 1 sky egg on the left and 1 sky egg on the right. the armor strength is the same as iron armor and currently this is my first mod so you can only get the sky eggs in creative minecraft my username on minecraft is skruft, stay away from the corona virus, hope you enjoy and good luck :D

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