The Clay Mod

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This mod was created to give more use to clay. The mod contains tools, weapons, objects, armor, enemies and clay bosses.

This mod adds many new materials based on clay, new machines, over 20 new mobs, new dimensions and much more. New explosives, weapons and tools are incliuded too. Download it to see more of its features.

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-100 downloads of version 2.11.0
-100 downloads of version 3.6

Command: /spawnMega

Right click on a mob

Or Is it that you are looking for something here? Whatever it is is not only in one. if not at all.

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Look better in the third and bring a trophy very remembered from here?

The ideas are nice, but the textures of the bricks can be better

When I clicked on this mod I didn't noticed that this was MOTW XD

Submitted by bacm884 on Mon, 05/22/2017 - 13:45

i can/t log in to mcreator please help me