Ancient legends

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The Ancient Legends mod is a fantasy/adventure mod. It adds structures, mobs, including hostile and tameable mobs, much equipment, biomes and a new boss.

It is quite a big mod that will really impact your gameplay (especially with the world generation)

👍 If you like it, upvote it, it means the world to me.

⚠️Though I started to work on this mod months ago, it is still in early development

⚠️ Please report any bug found :  message me on Discord : tdolekk#0000

⚠️ Please don't publish it in other plateforms without my permission, it is not ready yet to be published

Modification files
ancientlegends-1.0.3-forge-1.20.1_0.jarUploaded on: 06/21/2024 - 12:04   File size: 8.88 MB
ancientlegends-1.0.3-neoforge-1.20.4.jarUploaded on: 06/21/2024 - 12:13   File size: 8.86 MB
  • Fixed the Ancient behemoth boss summoning ritual crashing
  • Fixed the Ancient pedestal lagging
  • Fixed a bug with the Cernunnos armor set
  • Added 1.20.4 support via neoforge

Wow! this mod is awesome! I love the new mobs (especially pets) that were added.

Great mod! The only drawback that I noticed is that some textures seem to be too darkened. I don't know, maybe it seems that way to me

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (