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This is a mod for zombie lovers. If you are a walking dead fan get this mod.This mod includes a few things. It includes nuclear waste fluid,Infected mob,Apocalypse Dimension,CannedFood and ApocalypseLighter. I was testing this out and it took a few times to make the mod. Practice makes perfect :D. Anyway when I was playing the mod I made a portal. Its the same as the nether portal exept instead of obsidian its netherrack and the igniter is called an ApocalypseLighter. The item makes the center of the portal leting you to travel into the Apocalypse Dimension. There you can build bases from materials that you have from the overworld.But watch out! Alot of mobs spawn in the dimension and if your portal breaks you better wish you did not throw away the ApocalypseLighter! The Infected mob is a soul trapped in a dead body. It wont attack you. It wants you to kill it so its soul  will finaly be free. The nuclearwaste is only found in the ApocalypseDimension.Also you can only craft it. The resipe is secreat so the person who figures it out is really smart! Anyway Im going to talk about my story. I spawned in the Dimension with a diamondsword. Then a hord of zombies came coming towards me. I killed them and then made my base. I then died because of a creeper sadly. Im going to now talk about the CannedFood item. The food fills up 2 hunger bars. All of this is in my mod and I hope you download it and play the mod on minecraft. I hope you have enjoyed my description.

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This could be a cool zombie styled mod, but can you fix up the description? :)

Hey guys. I am the mod creator and Please download my mod it took some work thinking about the subject and if you have time please leave a comment. Thank you.