WonderFall Mod

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Wonderfall Mod!


WARNING:There are some skins in the mod that were taken from websites like:Minecraft.Novaskin.me,Planetminecraft.com,etc

This is a small mod that adds a couple of weapons,foods,mobs and blocks.Alot of those blocks,mobs,foods are candy.....50% of the mod is candy.

This mod isn't complete and im releasing it now just incase someone decides to make a mod all about candy before me,if that happened I would look like I stole that person's idea.

Some of the blocks you can find in this mod:

All of the crafting recipies are a folder inside the mod's folder.

I hope you enjoy this mod and forgive my horrible grammar.

Also I want to keep the mobs and their horrible models a suprise ;).


Modification files
Wonderfall.zipUploaded on: 08/23/2016 - 09:49   File size: 3.08 MB