The Nitex

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This Mod Adds A New Ore, Biome, Tools, Command, and Mobs To The Game!!! Makes Your Game More Fun And More Challanging! This Mod Will Always Be Updated So Keep A Look Out! ;) If You Like This Mod Please Do Comment! If You Want Me To Add Something New, Comment on What You Want. A Mod Review Will Come Soon! I'm Going To Add Some More Mobs And A Boss. Maybe A Dimension. If The GUI Will Ever Work I Will Add A Cool Guild That Will Tell You Whats Going To Happen And How To Get Prepered. This Mod Has Some Seceret Things In It And I Hope You Might Find Them. If You Do, Challange Your Friends To Find The Secerets...

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Nitex_1-7-10_v3-1.jarUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:17   File size: 127.85 KB