The Griefer's mod

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This mod adds a handful of new stuff to minecraft: The griefer's dimension, Griefer blocks, TNT igniters (Only used for the portal), and Explosive wool. There is a GUI that goes with the Griefer blocks, which is the Griefer GUI. There are two options: Give acid (Please don't click that, it crashes the game when you try to place it down), and Give Igniter. The Give Igniter button places a furnace infront of you, and you need some tnt to go with it. Or, you can craft it with two pieces of TNT and one iron ingot. Also, Command Blocks are now craftable! You need three pieces of hardened clay, redstone, a redstone torch and a redstone repeater. The crafting recipies will be shown on planetminecraft. Also, you can craft Explosive wool by placing eight wool (any color) around a piece of TNT.

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