Tech+ Mod 1.2 {Beta}

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Stopped Updating for now!    Update will be here at October

What i will add - lift, more machines, electric rail

Changelog :

1.2 {Beta}

- Removed Rubber Crafting recipe

- Fixed : More recipes for electric furnace (If you found any NO-Added recipe, write comment i will fix it in little update)

- Added Solar Panel (render model)

- Added ultra battery (can by energized only from Uranium generator)

- Added Uranium ore, uranium ingot and uranium generator (every charge need uranium ingot)

- Added Batbox (will be used in next version for getting energy to drill)

- Added Drill block (as quarry, now not work)

- Added Drill (as pickaxe, you need to energy it in uranium generator)

- Added Rubber biome with trees

- Added cables (if you connect solar panel with electric furnace, furnace will work, battery now not work)

- Added iron dust (no work now, it will be dust from iron ore used in macerator)

1.1 {Alpha}

- Added Solar Panel and battery (there are no cables)

- Added Compressor and Electric furnace

- Added Rubber, Copper and jetpack (jetpack only creative!)

- Added Steel and Compressed Steel

Recipes : Solar Panel (If you right click on solar panel with empty battery, solar panel fill it)

Electric Furnace (To activate it you must connect cable from solar panel|If is activated, place ores ON furnace and click on furnace)

Rubber Ball (Used to crafting)

Battery (Energy Storage)

Rubber Gum (Used to create Rubber Ball /!Only at version 1.1!\ From version 1.2 there are rubber trees!)

Compressor (If you Right click with steel, you get compressed steel, more compressed items soon!)

Steel Block (No description)

Compressed Steel Block (Cannot be obtained in compressor with steel block)

This is all now :( More items in soon! , Excuse my english please!

Thanks inspiration mods : IndustrialCraft, ThermalExpansion and Mekanism!


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Tech+ Mod 1.2 {Beta}.jarUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:18   File size: 163.41 KB

My Mod is kinda similar but im adding Chargable items and armor..
Realease will soon be here!

This is hard, i am working on techne model for solar panel, now is solar panel big bug of big bugs, wow, but i added copper cable and it work! Yeeeah :D