ComplexCraft [v0.1 Alpha]

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HEY EVERYONE! I'm Back with another Mod.. This time it's all about Complexity! Hope You Enjoy my second mod! :D

This Mod adds in Alota cool and Complex stuff that can also be used in Industrial Mods....


Lets Hop into the Mod:

So firstly There are Two new ore:


1) Graphite Ore


2) Exorite Ore




Graphite is formed from layer 43 till Bedrock..

It can be Smelted into Graphite Ingots which can be used to Craft Graphite Tools, Sword, and Armor.

Graphite Armor can be Crafted similar to Vinnilla Armor (Sorry for no Images)

Right clicking any Graphite Tool, or Sword with a Solar Panel with Recharge it (Higher the Duribility again) !

Here are the recipes:


1) Graphite Sword:


2) Graphite Pickaxe


3) Graphite Axe


4) Graphite Spade


5) Graphite Hoe





Exorite has no use for now other then smelting into exorite gems and then crafting it into The Exorite Multitool (Which is Buggy)...

Here is the Recipe for that:




Other then the Ore, Tools and stuff...

There are Two New Mobs.


1)  Mad Scientist (Aggressive Mob... Throws Potions at you!)


2) Dark Mage (Aggressive Mob.... Shoots Arrows)




There is also Something new...

They are called Spikes.

 They hurt any entity (except Items) at 2 Hearts of damage. They work like pressure plate so they do give of a redstone signal.



Here is the Crafting Recipe:



They can also be placed on hoppers which makes it easier for Mob Trapps, With a little hoppers and a chest you'll Be able to make an automated mob-Farm in no time!

Any Entity that touches the spikes will get hurt until it dies.. The drops then fall to the hoppers which collects them and routes them into the Chest.




This my friend is a Solar Panel (A Bit Buggy, But might work fine for you):

Right clicking Graphite Tools and Sword with it will recharge it (Give it Duribility) .... That is the only purpose of it for now. Maybe more Stuff later.



Now to Revolutionize Mcreator's Abilities i have Custom codded my own TANKS!

Here is an Empty tank:


Right clicking it with Water (Right click in Survival Mode, Creative may crash the game!):


And Ofcourse Right-Clicking an Empty Tank with Lava:


Here is the Recipe of the Tank:




This Mod also adds in an Fun but scarry Dimension.... it's called...... TheFloorIsLava.... :D

Here is the Recipe of the Portal Frame:

and the ignitor:


Here is how the Portal Looks Like:

I Might lower the Particles a bit latter.. :D


This is now the Actual Dimension:



Now For Some Canned Food... Yes, you heard me Canned Food..... These can stack upto 16 and is made from diffrent foods..

To make it you will need Empty Canisters... Here's the Recipe:


And the Diffrent Recipes are Here:


That's it for Canned Food..

Now you can smelt Zombie Flesh into... Well Cooked Flesh!


Also you can make a Chicken Block.... (Added just for fun)

Here's the Recipe:






That's it for this Mod.... New Updates will soon be here.. Thank you guys for Viewing. Please Rate and Comment more stuff to add....

Bugfixes will soon be done...



Change Log

=======|    |=======


Version 0.1 Alpha

Added Graphite Ore

Added Exorite Ore

Added Graphite Tools

Added Graphite Sword

Added Exorite Multitool

Added Tank

Added Tank with Water

Added Tank with Lava

Added Empty Canister

Added Filled Canister

Added Solar Panel

Added Spikes

Added Mob: Mad Scientist

Added Mob: Dark Mage

Added Cooked Flesh

Added Chicken Block

Added Compressed Lava

Added TheFloorIsLava Dimension

Added Lava Ignitor





That's it For Now... Thanks For Tunning Up... Se Ya'll Later!!!!


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How do you make rightclick functions (for the tank) sorry for my bad english...

I'm doing a mod showcase on it later today.
But, it's danish language :I
But you can watch it without sounds, if you want to. (when its out)

Ohh, Im so sorry blueninja! :( I didn't see you'r mod! Can i keep the cans or should i remove it? I didn't notice you'r Mod! SO SORRY!!! :(

I'm not sure if you noticed my canned food mod which was published before this.

Nice mod... doh, you can't me mod of the week two times in a row... but maybe next week? ;) We'll see how good other mods will do :D

How did you make the water tanks? Just out of curiosity :) I would like to know