Futuristic Technology

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Futuristic Technology


Futuristic Technology is a mod based around tech. It currently features over 80 mods with a range of items, including blast-resistant Armour Plating blocks and powerful Antimatter items. This mod is currently a heavy work-in-progress and will be updated fairly frequently. No longer in development!  0.20 Beta is out! Over 50 new mods were added in this update. Note that there will be a few WIP items in this update, use NotEnoughItems to find recipes. 



- Armour Plating

- Reinforced Iron

- Reinforced Iron and Antimatter Infused armour

- Antimatter

- Plasma Launcher

- Reinforced Iron tools (more tools to come)



0.20 Beta - Machine Update

- Added Machines (Only compressor works at the moment)

- New Antimatter Infused Platings (5x better than regular) and a new antimatter tool set (much better than diamond)

- Laser Sword

- Endermetal and Magmium (armour and storage blocks for now, made by compressing Ender and Blaze infused iron)

- Graphite (found at layer 30 and below, used to make carbon fibre efficiently and in antimatter tools)

- Adminium (ore, crystal and bar. This ore is extremely rare, found near bedrock and only mineable with antimatter tools. It can currently only be used for the Adminium Hammer.)


0.10 Beta

- Added Reinforced Iron along with armour, tools and storage block

- Added Armour Plating 

- Added Antimatter (Block, Item, Ingot), Dense Matter and Singularity Stone


Planned Features

- Laser Sword

- More uses for Antimatter

- Machines (possible)

- More materials



Coming Soon.



1) Install Forge (//files.minecraftforge.net/, choose 'Installer') and install it. Run Minecraft to check it works.

2) Place the zip folder in the 'mods' folder Forge has created.

3) Enjoy.



For anyone who wants to use this mod in a modpack, then feel free to do so. Just credit me as the creator :)










Modification files
Futuristic Technology 0.10 Beta.zip - Download 0.10 Beta116.57 KB
Futuristic Technology 0.20 Beta.zip - Download 0.20 Beta302.28 KB

I recommend submitting this for Mod of the Week. I did this with mine, it went from 50 downloads to more than 700.