Canada's Territories Tnt Mod

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This is a tnt mod with a series of tnt that are so powerful, i dont know how big a crater any of them make except the bomb! The crafting recipes represent the flag of the territory, and i added an american tnt so it isn't just canada. There is a recipe for all of the tnt, but it is only to show the flag of the territory, or because it will help you survive the bomb. Hopefully the tnt will be able to explode for you! WARNING, this tnt mod was made purely for fun, DO NOT use in a world without a backup or a good computer.

Modification files
Canada's Territories Tnt Mod.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:18   File size: 187.74 KB

Can I use this for a nature/survival modpack.
The explosives being a cool feature.

Nice mod!

ty very much for the support, and I can say yes if you want to troll a friend

This is a good mod but the textures are just not good enough. I would try download a painting program and try making you own textures! Just sayin' but great job on the mod.

I can't explode any of the TNT, I always run out of memory (I even allocated 160GB, 80GB of RAM and 80GB of virtual memory), what kind of explosions do they make?