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This mod contains is somethings that I have wanted to make for a while now, the Armor of God written about in Ephesians 6 was the basic inspiration along with the Sword of the Spirit, Manna, and Prayer. I am not a big fan of the potions and enchanting table, so this is my way of conveying power, without invoking enchantments. If anyone would like to comment with more verses to include in an update I am willing to make updates.  I will zip a readme file, that contains the Bible Verses used in this mod, and a Recipe file and upload them. I have tried to make the armor very strong, along with a very strong sword. I hope you enjoy this mod and I hope that it will inspire you to open a Bible and see what it contains. If you start with some of the verses referenced in this mod, it will give you a nice start.

I really like MCreator for making mods and I has gotten me interested in learning java. Especially to learn how to make the mobs.

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