Survivalist Challenger mod

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This is the second mod i've made it adds two dimensions to the game, the star dimension has starstone ore everywhere or starblocks these starstone blocks are what make up the portal in the form of a nether portal it also has the death dimension and if you die there you can respawn there the portal is the same for the death dimension except in coal blocks. I suggest using an NEI for this mod as there are a lot of crafting recipes for this mod the portal igniters are easy though for the star dimension portal all you need is 2 starstone ingots and 1 Starstone Block to get the star gate key, for the death dimension all you need is 2 coal blocks and 1 red gemstone which spawns anywhere in your world, there is 1 biome added in this mod and it is called the crazy plains biome it will have incredibly spikey mountains and the forestation of a forest biome also in order to get starstone ore before you go to the star dimension you must go to the nether it will have a medium spawn rate anywhere in the nether and while your in a plains biome be weary of a very black spider it has 4000 health (2000 hearts) and you should only face it with strong armour like thestarstone armour it is stronger than diamond and each piece of the set will give you a potion effect. you can also make obsidian tools in this mod the same you would make a regular tool only with obsidian although i never added an obsidian hoe the starstone tools are also pretty much the same also if you have no armour look out for the speedy devil it does 5 damage and looks like a red chicken with it's wings constantly spinning

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