The Lost Weapons V0.03.5 (Ignore)

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This Thread was supposed to be deleted already, but i cannot find the delete option :|


So, yeah. this is the Lost Weapons, the newest version.

This is another thread because this is for people waiting to play or seeing the potential of this mod.

This is the version 0.03.5

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Whats been added: (i forgot 1 Sword texture here)

Gravity Pixel: An pixel dropped by the new mob: Undead Gravity Soldier. Used to craft gravity stuff

Gravity Soldier Sword: An sword that the undead gravity soldier haves. You can change its looks to 1, 2, 3 , 4 and 4.1

Metal Bone: Used to open the portal to the Undead Tyrant Dimension. I dont know why a bone...

Pixel Blast Plate: Used to create pixel-blast blocks and other stuff. Really resistant to blasts. REALLY.

Gravity Adjuster Green Core: Used to craft the Gravity Adjuster (Light)

Gravity Adjuster (Light): When stepped on, You become lighter. (Speed potion effect and jump effect)

Gravity Adjuster Red Core: Used to craft the Gravity Adjuster (Heavy)

Gravity Adjuster (Heavy): When stepped on, You become ultra slow, And you are so heavy that you can't jump. (Pressing spacebar repeadetely can make you walk faster, lol.)

Pixel Blast block: Super block that resist more blasts than obsidian.

Pixel Block: You can now get pixels by mining these blocks.

Dimension Channeler 1 (BLOCK) : Put these blocks in a nether-portal shape and right-click with the metal bone to open the portal to the undead tyrant Dimension.

New mob: Undead Gravity Soldier: These guys might be pretty strong and have a lot of health at the beginning, but after you get some of their pixels, and craft a set of armor and weapons, they're going to be like normal enemies. Though they still have some tough HP. They have 100-150 HP And does 6-14 Damage.

New Armor: Gravity Soldier Armor: the same armor the gravity soldiers have. They will grant you a real good protection. The Pigmans attack will even tickle.

New Armor: An dev item: The prinny cap will grant you the biggest protection. Creative only.

Changes: The Red Herb and the ice flowers are now rarer. Also the Electrified blade is now identified as a sword and no longer as an item. (It will now show its damage and it will have the same properties as a sword)

Known bugs: The undead soldiers will not spawn (yet) on their dimension. The dev item: Prinny cap name is bugged too

Screenshoot of the V.0.03.5, I am wearing armor, these guys behind are undead gravity soldiers, and that weapon throwed is the Gravity Lord Axe

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