Stuff Of Randomness Mod

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This is the Stuff Of Randomness Mod It's flled with random stuff but it's still in beta (0.0.1) There will be updates coming. The main thing is bugs there is most likely lot's of of bugs put please tell me if you spot one. Here are some of the stuff i added

Dimensions (Quart Diamond Redstone Lapis Emerald Iron Gold And Awesome Dimensions) 

Decorations (Awesome Block Awesome Dirt Awesome Grass Awesome Ore And Awesome Glowstone)

Structures (Random Structure With Instant Random Structure)

Materials (Awesome Ingot And Lightning Essence)

Tools (Awesome Set And Soul Pencil)

Weapons (Awesome Sword Bow, And Lightning Staff

Mobs/Animals (Wild Simy And Bird) Wild Simy Gitchy And Only Spawn In Awesome Biome

Food (Awesome Steak Chocolate Icing Donut Chocolot Donut Coffee And Hot Coffee)

Biomes (Awesome Biome)

Commands (/heal)

I Would Install Not Enough Items Or CraftingGuide

Hope Enjoy Mod









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Stuff Of Randomness - It Add's Lot's Of New Stuff. All ore's dimension: Quart's Diamond: and so on. more blocks items armor and food. Have Fun834.22 KB