Published by BudBud on Tue, 03/31/2015 - 01:47
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This mod is a new mod to help add that holiday feel too Minecraft.


In order to craft the peeps, you need to create marshmallows by smelting sugar.


There are two different types of peeps, chick peeps and bunny peeps.


The only difference is that the bunny peeps require 2 more dye than the chick peeps.


Use Not enough items mod to find out the crafting recipies because I couldn't get them up.


The mob added into this mod is the Easter Chicken that drops Raw Easter Chicken Meat.


You can smelt Raw Easter Chicken Meat to get a delicous pink meat.


Not to mention there are 16 different new plants implemented in this mod, including the Jellybean Stalk that gives you jellybeans.


This mod is not finished and there will be plenty of more feautures coming next year!


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