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EnderCraft 0.0.1


This mod adds:
- 8 New Crafting Recipes

   - You can smelt 1 Gold Block for 1 Blaze Rod


- 8 New Items

    - Ender Gem

    - Ender Great Sword

    - Ender Pickaxe

    - Ender Spade

    - Ender Helmet

    - Ender Body

    - Ender Leggins

    - Ender Boots

- 1 New Mob




      -You can only spawn he with a Spawn Egg

      -He dropps Ender Gems, Chain Armor and with a little chance a Ender Great Sword


Please give me a Feedback and say what can I add to this mod an what can I make better

Have fun with this Mod!


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