Super Natural Craft

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Hi Guys AOCAWOL here for an epic mod that adds the Super to Natural!


Mod adds:

3 mob

3 sword

1 new armour set

1 new tool set

1 new biome

1 new water (WIP)

3 news ores

3 new gems

2 new flowers

btw if your grass looks green its a texure glitch and will be fixed!


What you may do

Make a vid just give me credit and link to my mod page

Use mod for modpack just make sure to give credit to me and link to meh mod!

Any other questions just ask me in comments!


What not to do!

Copy my mod

use texures from my mod

anything related to my mod and i will send you a message to remove the mod and all vid will be credited to me

Any other questions ask in comments below


Make sure to like and send me link to your mod showcase thx


Modification files
Super Nautral Craft!.zip - Download The offical Super Natural Craft!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:20   File size: 132.95 KB