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Hello! Today I am going to be presenting to you... The More Specific Items Mod! (A weird name I know, but its hard to come up with a name for this type of mod)

This mod adds in a Tool Set, Mob, and a Food Item for Ice, Obsidian, Leaf, Redstone, and there is a boss!

It includes

-Ice Pickaxe, Ice Sword, Ice Axe, Ice Shovel, Ice Hoe, Snowcone, and Ice Monster.

-Obsidian Pickaxe, Obsidian  Sword, Obsidian Axe, Obsidian Shovel, Obsidian Hoe, Somehow Edible Obsidian, and Obsidian Monster.

-Leaf Pickaxe, Leaf Sword, Leaf Axe, Leaf Shovel, Leaf Hoe, Cabbage, and Leaf Monster.

-Redstone Pickaxe, Redstone Sword, Redstone Axe, Redstone Shovel, Redstone Hoe, Burrito, and Redstone Monster.

-A rainbow boss

-An achievement for every type of food you make (Snowcone, Somehow Edible Obsidian, Cabbage, and Burrito)

-A GUI that brings up all the crafting recipes! (for your convenience, of course ;D)

-A key binding ( when you press H) that brings you to the GUI with crafting recipes



The Recipes are in the mod itslef when you press H, but they are pretty self explanatory! (Ice blocks for ice tools, oak leaf blocks for leaf tools, obsidian blocks for obsidian tools, and redstone for redstone tools. The food is also with similar materials but again, if you press H, it shows the recipes or I made a video on it)



First download forge for the current version of this mod which is 1.7.10. Download the mod from this mod page, hit the Startkey+R (For windows 7 and 8) and type in %appdata%. Once there, go to your .minecraft folder, go to your mods folder, and copy the mod file into the mods folder. Tada! Now you have this amazing mod installed!



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