Chocolate Mod

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This mod adds chocolate to Minecraft. Here is a complete list of added things:

-Chocolate (duh)

-Chocolate Block

-Liquid Chocolate

-Semi-Chocolate Milk

-Chocolate Milk

-Chocolate And Steel

-Chocolate Portal

-Chocolate Dimension

-Xocoatl (best potion ever, DRINK IT NAO)


With this mod, you will be able to eat CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE and MOAR CHOCOLATE! Its a little expensive though; it requires 3 cocoa beans in a horizontal pattern and a sugar at the top. You can also store your chocolates in a compact way with the Chocolate Blocks. You can also make Chocolate Milk with Liquid Chocolate on top of a milk bucket in the crafting grid. This will only give you a Semi-Chocolate milk though; to make full chocolate milk put the Semi-Chocolate Milk on the crafting grid and then put Liquid Chocolate in top of it. The Chocolate Cookie is crafted the same way as the normal cookie but with chocolates instead of wheat. About the Chocolate And Steel, it requires a chocolate on the crafting grid, then an iron ingot at the upper-left corner side of it.

Note: This mod fails compatibility with the Any Dimension mod. You must have one of the two. Have both, and the game will crash.

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