The Enderbrine Mod

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He's not an Enderman. He's not Herobrine too. So what is he.... He's ENDERBRINE.


This mod just simply add in:





*Enderbrinium (Enderbrine's drop)

*Enderbrine Egg (spawn in Enderbrine)

*Enderbrine Eyes (you can wear as a helmet that give you OP buffs and ability to fly)

The Enderbrine Eyes is kinda over powered but it worth a lots of nether stars to get it

Crafting Recipes: Diamond = D

                                 Obsidian = O

                                 Nether Star = NS

                                Herobrinium = H

                                Eye of Ender =EE



D    /      O      / D             =  Herobrinium [4]

O    /    NS    / O

D    /      O     / D


H    /    H     /    H             =  Enderbrine Egg (right click the ground to spawn Enderbrine)

H    /    NS  /    H

H    /   EE   /    H


O    /             /                   = Enderbrine Eyes

H    /    NS   /    E

O    /     O    /    O

          [Also this is my first mod :D]

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