Diamond Dimensions

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This mod adds plenty of different uses for diamonds and op armor

Creator: OMGITSPercy

             Percival Powell


please mail me with suggestions :)

I will soon make a video about the mod

Channel: OMGITSPercy

this mod adds:

                      Diamond World

                      Diron Helmet

                      Diron Chestplate

                      Diron Leggings

                      Diron Boots

                      AKKA assault rifle


                      Diamond Portal

                      Life&Death aka flint and steel for a diamond portal

All of these items are craftable in survival and are fun to use

Ps: i will show the crafting recipes in a video I will soon do but all my videos still need editing and so I havent been able to upload them yet

I will try to update this mod as soon as possible and with any suggestions you guys come up with.

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