Ultimate Weapons Mod

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This mod takes diamond sword to the next level! Ultimate versions of every sword. this is my first mod. Use oak logs for an ultimate wooden sword and smooth stone for an ultimate stone sword for other swords just use the block and for the ultimate sword use an ultimate gold sword and two ultimate diamond swords!

U-Wooden Sword= +8 attack damage

U-Stone Sword= +9 attack damage

U-Iron Sword= +10 attack damage

U-Diamond Sword= +11 attack damage

Ultimate Sword= +14 attack damage

I hope you enjoy my first mod! i might add more weapons and armour for future updates! maybe ill add special swords from other video games and maybe special armour aswell.

Modification files
Ultimate Weapons Mod.zip - This mod takes diamond swords to the next level!Uploaded on: 03/18/2017 - 14:08   File size: 54.79 KB