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If you want a colorfull world then download this mod,there are diferent kinds of blocks there is the Bluedirt and the Pinkdirt,also there is the purple dirt,red dirt, with this blocks you can make a tool like a Pink Pickaxe or a Blue Pickaxe,you can craft this,for the Blue Pickaxe you need 2 sticks and 3 Bluedirt,you can craft this in a normal pickaxe form,if you want to craft the Pink Pickaxe  you need 2 sticks and 3 Pinkdirt it is the same form as the Blue Pickaxe form to craft.If you want to craft  a Bluedirt you just have to putt a podzol block in the crafting table and you have a Bluedirt,also you can putt a brick block in a furnace and coal below and you have Bluedirt.There is a recipe for the Pink dirt you can putt a block of dirt and pink dye below,also you can putt a dirt block in the side and leather in the other side.For the Blue sword you are going to need 1 stick and 2 blue dust.If you wanna know more just download the mod.;D

Modification files - Download here,this is still a working progress.Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:21   File size: 150.08 KB