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Published by maxde6 on Tue, 05/26/2015 - 00:45
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the mist of the beserker mod is alpha at the moment so is no beserker but there is mist and much more

things from the mod




burning gem


black sword

big black sword

burning sword

burning bow

mist bow


mist dimension

burning dimension


mist block

burning block

mist ore

burning ore

and much more

stuff that will be added

explosive spell

lightbreaker elite


wisp elite

the beserker

nialon the ring guard

ring guard elite

dice head

black night


destroyer silencer

destroyer mega

destroyer overlord



guard overlord

guard silencer

guard mega

and much more

mod canceled

New update mod is still cancelled but Motb 2 (Mist of the Beserker 2) which will be named Wotb (Wrath of The Beserker) there will be lots of stuff, it will take a very long time to finish though. Wotb (motb 2) will be delayed I have other mod ideas in mind Planet-X Lucid Nightmare and Attack of The Void. Be expecting Planet-X. MOTB 2 will not be on this page. It will be a completly different mod. I will post for news later on this mod page.

Modification files
Mist of the beserker alpha 1.0.0 - - Motb very first version alpha543.75 KB
Mist of the beserker Update Early - Motb early version of 1.5.4593.42 KB
The mist of the beserker - Motb 1.5.4 (Reccomended612.38 KB
Mist Of The Beserker 1.9.4 - Motb 1.9.4 Early version (UNSTABLE)628.87 KB