Candy Ores+Tools Mod 1.7.10 (WIP)

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Hello everyone! I have made my very first mod for you guys to enjoy! Ok. Have you ever wanted something sweeter when it comes to foods in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make candy tools (probably not)? Well, my mod is the thing for you!

[All The items in the mod] This mod adds many sweet ores to your game! It adds Chocolate Ore, Candy Cane Ore, Marshmallow Ore, Jawbreaker Ore (The strongest) Mentos Ore, Cotton Candy Ore, and Pop Rocks Ore!

[All the ores]

Each Ore has its own special set of items. The Candy Cane Ore has all of the Minecraft tools to craft! That's right! Candy Cane Sword, Shovel, Pickaxe, Axe, and Hoe (Which is the suckiest tool ever). Also, the Candy Cane item can be used to make armor as well!


In addition to that, Jawbreaker ore ALSO has it's own set of tools and armor! Just to put it out, Jawbreaker is stronger than diamond, so you won't care anymore when your friends find diamond. Just reply saying, "I have Jawbreaker tools" in a Liam Neeson voice. (Actually don't do that).

All drops from the ores are edibile! They give potion effects when ate! Thay also saturate your hunger alot! Whoever knew candy was so healthy? In addition to the ores, you can also craft a donut, then bake it, then apply chocolate to it in the Crafting table. When you eat the chocolate donut, magicalness happens. See the video below to see what it does! There is so much more I want to tell you, but it would take thousands of trees to chop down to write them here, so I'll just list everything. 

That video only shows a glimpse of what my mod adds! Let's say your playing in the game. You craft yourself some Jawbreaker tools. Then you find yourself wanting more power. Well, mine up some Pop Rocks Ore and place your tool in the crafting table. Next, sorround your tool in the crafting table with pop rocks. BOOM! Now you have an enhanced version of your candy cane or jawbreaker tool.


The Mod adds:


Candy Stone (CREATIVE ONLY) Marshmallow Ore
Chocolate Ore
Candy Cane Ore
Jawbreaker Ore
Mentos Ore
Pop Rocks Ore
Cotton Candy Ore
Candy Log (CO) 
Candy Wood Planks (CO) 
Enhanced TNT
Cotton Candy Block
Candy Cane Block
Chocolate Block
Candy Cane
Pop Rocks
Cotton Candy 
Donut, Baked Donut, ANd Chocolate Donut
Candy Cane Armor (All Pieces)
Marshmallow Armor (Boots only)
Jawbreaker Armor (All)
Chocolate Armor (Boots Only)
Candy Cane Shovel
Candy Cane Sword
Candy Cane Pickaxe
Candy Cane Axe
Candy Cane Hoe
Enhanced Candy Cane Shovel
Enhanced Candy Cane Axe
Enhanced Candy Cane Pickaxe
Enhanced Candy Cane Sword
Enhanced Candy Cane Hoe
Jawbreaker Sword
Jawbreaker Pickaxe
Jawbreaker Axe
Jawbreaker Shovel
Jawbreaker Hoe
Enhanced Jawbreaker Hoe
Enhanced Jawbreaker Shovel
Enhanced Jawbreaker Axe
Enhanced Jawbrealer Sword
Enhanced Jawbreaker Pickaxe
And a few extra things that shouldn't be there (CO)


Download Link:

If you would like to recommend something, please say so in the comments. Also, report any bugs! Thanks!

Oh. Don't mine the carrot ore, ever.

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