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Welcome To My Mod Everyone I Loved Making This For You Guys Out There There Are 2 New Armor Sets And 3 New Mobs And 1 More Dimension Into Mincraft Please Like This Mod I Made It Took A While To Make And I Forgot To Say To Get Into The Portal You Need CobbleStone Instead Of Obsidian And You Light It With The MagNighter Once You Go In The Dimension Your Put In A Land Of CookieSlimes And Players The Players And CookieSlime Dont Attack You The CookieSlimes Drop Cookies Of Course :3 And The Players Drop Diamonds Witch Is Pretty Op :P And There Is Also The FemaleCreeper It Attacks You If It Looks At You Or You Go Close To It :3 So Yeah I Think Thats All I Need To Say So Just Enjoy The Mod And Here Is A Video For Crafting Recipes Here -

Modification files - Click Here To Download ModUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:23   File size: 411.5 KB