Medecine Mod Alpha 1.1_01 - Regen easily food and hearth in Minecraft !

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Medecine Mod Alpha 1.1_01 Official Mod

 Minecraft will be a little more simply when you install the mod. Called Medecine Mod in Alpha 1.1_01.

The mod adds blocks ?

Yes, but only two.

There is Health Generator : 

The Health Generator

And there is the Food Generator :

The Food Generator

How to use this ?

Right-click on the Food / Health generator and :
- If you are on a Food generator, this will add 1 Food on your Food bar.
- If you are on a Health generator, this will add 1/2 Health on your Health bar.

They have glich in this version ?

Yes, it's possible to have a glich when you break the generator blocks : Particles image missing, but it will be fixed soon.

Thanks to :

Thanks for MCreator for creating this not-finished mod !
Thanks for Forge creator for creating a program for adding plug-ins in Minecraft !
That it's all. Or not, thank you for downloading this mod ;) 

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