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Although the name is descending, the ascending is descending.

Bored of Minecraft? Play the next best version - Minecraft; Descending.

This includes not many but some mods included.


1.0 - Descending


Enjoy the mod!

  • +Gummy cola bottle. Just a giant food thing that you could eat. Reference to Vat19
  • +Wooden Battle Axe - Mistaken as wooden. This is a DIAMOND battle axe instead.
  • +Emerald Battle axe
  • + Lightning Essence - Can be crafted into a lightning sword.
  • + Lightning  Ore - Drops lightning essence. Crafts the lightning sword and later lightning armour
  •  + Lightning Sword - Summons lightning on blocks and shoots powerful arrows. 
  • + HSkeleton - The slave of herobrine. This is immune to fire, and also acts like pigmen. His feet are weird, right?
  • + Light Ingot - Can be crafted into lightning essence
  • + Lightning Blaze - Master of the lightning sword. May drop the sword instead of essence
  • + Iron Battle Axe - Just a mini battle axe ... which is sharp... Ow.
  • + Blood grass block - Just a decoration.

  • +Block of the descending - A block which generates in a biome.

  • +HBlock - Decoration Herobrine Block.

  • + Descenders tab

  • Descended Biome - A biome for the dimension.

  • Descended Dimension - The dimension which has a boss (LATER)

  • Evil pig - A pig that bounces and summons magma cubes.

  • Info GUI - Press Period AKA . to reveal the info

  • Info KeyBind - Whatever is above

Modification files
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