The Traffic Cone Mod!?

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Hi everyone this is my first mod ever! So anyway no one ever knew this but secretly traffic cones are one of the strongest material's on the planet (not really) So why don't you check this mod out?

This mod includes the following items:

Traffic Cone


Traffic Cone Ore


Traffic Cone Sword


Traffic Cone Pickaxe


Traffic Cone Axe


Traffic Cone Armor (Helmit,Chestplate,Leggings, and Boots)


And lastly the budder traffic cone (1 traffic cone in the middle, gold nugets in all 4 corners, and the rest gold ingots. Restores your hunger bar to full instantly!)

All tools and armor are crafted the same way as normal ones accept... you know... with traffic cones...

Modification files - Who knew Traffic Cones could be this awesome!Uploaded on: 07/25/2015 - 16:12   File size: 92.8 KB